Indigenous Food Wellness Circle

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image of medicine wheel

This program uses the Indigenous medicine wheel as a model to focus on the four directions for healthy eating. We start with the east direction that focuses on nutrition education, the south direction focuses on food preparation and safety, the west direction focuses on cooking and recipes, and the north direction focuses on food preservation.

This program will provide training courses as well as educational videos & resources related to the four topic areas.

Training Courses

Introduction to Native Nutrition

The goal of the Introductory to Native Nutrition training is to promote nutrition and wellness. In this free online training, you will learn the foundation of how to eat a well-balanced diet, how to read a nutrition label, tips for starting new habits, and recommendations for incorporating healthy eating and lifestyle choices into your everyday life.

The goal is to improve the health, longevity, and happiness of Indigenous people. The training is self-paced and takes around four hours to complete.

Upon completion of this course, you will receive a certificate of completion from the Tribal Extension Office.

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Educational Videos & Resources

East: Nutrition Education

Food Safety

Understanding Carbohydrates

Tips for Going Out to Eat

Healthy Eating

Portion Sizes

West: Cooking Demos

Sunflower Cookies

Three Sisters Salad

Maple-Sage Roasted Veggies

Three Sisters Soup

North: Food Preservation

Getting ready to Can

Chopping Onions and Peppers

How to Freeze Onions and Peppers

How to Peel Tomatoes

Boiling Water Canning

The Role of Elevation

Using a Dehydrator